What is adSmartZone?

adSmartZone is an online ad network which is used a Central Ad Server (that we are operating) to deliver your advertisements to online visitors via over hundreds of website in Cambodia, which enables targeting, tracking and reporting of impressions in ways not possible with analog media alternatives.

Connect to the right people by taking advantage of:

  1. Smart targeting on many websites in Cambodia
  2. Effective account management
  3. Total control of your ads campaigns
  4. Rich media and descriptive
  5. Control over your budget & cost savings

“Promote your brand to 3 Millions of Cambodian Online Users”

Why choose adSmartZone?

We have traffic from over 700 high performing websites and blogs that convert to 200+ million qualified impression per month and every business can benefit. You need to pay when only your customers saw your ads. You can start budget as low as 1 USD. adSmartZone brings together best-in-class technology in a single platform, so you can gain insights about your visitors, drive more audience, and generate more revenue.  Learn more why you as an advertiser need to use adSmartZone and If you want to learn about our pricing and design (banner size), please click here.

call us at 012-701-007/069-221-171 or email: info@adsmartzone.com or click on button below then fill in the form!


The best converting ads to turn your traffic to revenue!

Maximize ad revenue

With the largest source of Cambodian advertiser demand, flexible ad controls, and an industry-leading mediation service, adSmartZone is the best platform to monetize your website traffic and maximize your ad revenue through web banner advertising.

Monetize your traffic by leveraging:

  1. High quality ads from top brands
  2. Experienced and proactive account managers
  3. Highest eCPM rate
  4. Create up to 3 banners
  5. Get up to 68% revenue sharing